Free from worry


If dreams come true, I wish I had only one day free from worry.

When we feel we suffer high pressure, what should we do? Maybe chat with friends, go somewhere, do what we like… to relax ourselves. But what should we do if the problem we face isn’t stress???

I used to be so sad, used to think a lot, even used to be hurt… but I could know how to relieve all my troubles. And time heals everything… Yes, time can do; however, time can’t help us with anything we want. I really feel confused because I don’t know exactly what I have to face. It’s intangibility. I’m of an age to pass through, aren’t I? Perhaps it will, perhaps it won’t…

I’ve felt worried recently. It’s laughable, because I don’t know what I’m worried about or what make me worried. I just know I have some invisible worries… This may be like nervousness. I’m all right if there’s nothing. But if anything happens by the way I don’t like, I’ll lose my seft-control, even hate all although they make me angry or not…

Can you tell me what I must do now… I need some peacefulness in spirit… I find it by myself or someone can give it to me…


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